Fashion King

Fashion King

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

1. What a waste of 20 hours. It started off as a promising drama then just lost itself. This show had no aim or direction it was going all over the place. for the first seven episodes it seemed like the lead actress and actor were both going to end up with the supporting actors. 

2. There was no chemistry between the lead actors! Yuck at their first kiss!! totally gross!! 

3. Yuri’s first drama. i understand i was a little harsh when i said she sucked but seriously, she was way to stiff and her acting failed to move me. 

4. The lead actor was so unattractive. i heard he looked better in sckandu scandal. Unfortunatley,  i didn’t watch that drama so i’m judging him based on his performance in fashion king.

5. I skipped the majority of the scenes because i lost interest. the title Fashion King is highly misleading. although, it is about fashion, i couldn’t figure out who the king was…

6. I shouted out of frustration at the ending. like seriously!! wth!! I soo didn’t see that coming. This drama gets one star from me just because i was curious about who the lead actress would end up with. i knew from the beginning she wasn’t going to end up with the lead…just didn’t expect him to die. 

Probably the worst and most upsetting drama of the year.