King 2 Hearts!!

Lee Seung Gi’s

King 2 Hearts

Rating: ★★★★☆

Someone once made a comment “what would television be like without Lee Seung Gi “

My answer: I don’t wanna live in the world if Seung Gi’s not in it… with his killer smile

**this song is on constant repeat on my ipod**

Yess Seung Gi is my favorite Korean actor. (srry Min Ho) but this is an objective and honest review.


1. Seung Gi has grown up and matured from his previous dramas Shining inheritance and my girlfriend is a guhimo. He got taller and sexier. He’s an incredible actor and with his performance in k2h, i don’t think theres a drama LSG can do and fail. Either he has a knack for choosing good scripts or he’s just plain awesome!

2. The most romantic action packed filled drama yet so heck of an emotional roller coaster ride. did i forget to mention, suspenseful, profound and educative also. not a single dull moment, will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to the end. for us non-koreans, this drama enlightened us about the tension / strained relationship between the north and the south.

3. I was a bit nervous about seeing Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won on screen together. Had no idea their chemistry was going to be so hawt! I was a bit nervous for LSG because of the high expectations from “secret garden” fans. LOL @ the beginning. she had to give a shout out to her former costar.  Hyun Bin.

4. LSG: his character developed from a spoiled and arrogant crown prince to an even more cocky King! boy he had swag and did whatever he wanted!

5. That villain John Mayer was super creepy and got way to much air time. what was up with those fake american actors with their horrible accents??

6. I watched the ratings of K2h slowly decline week after week. it was #1 when it first aired. Cannot believe Rooftop Prince’s ratings surpassed K2h. I wasn’t shocked at all tho. i just knew something was going to come in the way of Seung Gi’s limelight. it seems like Rtp was more of a success in asia than in the US.

7. If you check out my Poll. K2H is dominating the Poll and RTP is falling way behind!

8. I kinda felt this was more action/suspense/melodrama…. nowhere near the tagged romantic comedy. #disqualified… too many deaths

9. Loved the first king! was shocked at his murder and the attempted murder of the princess. 

10. The writers attempt to kill the romantic storyline between the princess and the supporting actor—–> #fail I can boldy say that most K2H fans were secretly falling in love with the supporting actors Jae Shin & Shi Kyung.

11. Cannot rate K2H 5 Stars because it didn’t deliver the ending I craved for. **hint hint** death of that special someone….Matter of fact both K2H and Rooftop Prince’s ending disappointed me.