Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince

Rating: ★★★★☆

…. time travel from Joseon 300 years ago to current day Seoul

OMG!!!! I love my Teletubies!!!! They were super-out-of-this-century adorable!!

CAN I STATE THAT I HATE…absolutely HATE that this drama aired at the same time as King2Hearts!!

Rooftop was hilarious! Most k-dramas are listed as romantic comedies but never deliver the comedy part. Writers did an amazing Job. The story was compelling and unpredictable while packed with action and suspense. Although this was a drama that had a direction and goal right from the beginning, I must add that it felt like the writers wrote the ending before the beginning and had to fill the middle with partial nonsense. Like I said before, this is another example of a drama that could have ended with 16 episodes. 

Mickey Yoochun and Han Ji Min

THAT KISSS!!! sooo cute!


1.Little Lee min ho (the 2nd) is slowly rising to fame….  i don’t like him ——–> **runs aways from crazy fan girls** 

2. Han Ji Min looked way better in Padam Padam and ewwww she was too old to for that role

3. KING 2 HEARTS WAS BETTER —–> **runs aways from crazy fan girls** lol 

Cast of Rooftop Prince

4. There was something just soo heartbreaking about the ending. Can’t really say if it was  a good or bad ending. it made me feel empty on the inside 

5. Watch if you’re looking for a truly unpredictable and refreshing story line! RTP DELIVERS!! It’ll def make it on my 2012 top 10 list! 

I knew the rooftop prince’s ratings would surpass King 2 hearts because of the kind of viewers out there. Sorry to say this but i think it’s all those little 12 years olds fan girl that cised up this drama. They have the nerve to say K2H wasn’t as good. ** i won’t say anymore**

***I am not a RTP Hater, Just want to make it very clear that i am TEAM KING 2 HEARTS #Lee Seung GI!!! ***