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This is my first time following more than 1 drama. Below is a chart i created to keep track of the ratings of each drama. Chart isn’t to compare the dramas to each other but to keep track of how each dramas performance changes week by week.

Week of June 2nd – June 7th 

  • The Chaser 3-4 (SBS)
  • Big 1-2 (KBS) ** different**
  • Gaksital (Bridal Mask) 3-4 (KBS)
  • I Do, I Do 3-4 (MBC)
  • Ghost 3-4 (SBS)
  • Dr. Jin 5-6 (MBC)
  • A Gentleman’s Dignity 5-6 (SBS)
Ratings are based on AGB Nielson
 1. Its kinda hard to say which drama is #2 at the moment just by looking at the ratings. i would say Bridal Mask has the 2nd highest ratings in all of South korea. it does seem like  Gentleman’s Dignity is #2 but it must be put into consideration that Bridal mask airs during the week while Gentleman’s Dignity air during the weekend. so i naturally expect GD rating to be slightly higher. BM is during pretty well for a mid-week drama.

2. Bridal Mask: Started out well and its doing a great job maintaing it’s good ratings.

3. I Do, I Do: Kim Sun Ah is amazing!! wish the ratings were a little higher.

4. Ghost:(not yet following)  ratings are increasing… will check it out

5. Dr. Jin: its getting more popular. i predict the ratings will eventually drop for later episodes. 

6. Gentleman’s Dignity: it’s maintained its ratings. i expect higher ratings from this drama hopefully by ep 7 it should hit above 24%

7. The Chaser: i’m not yet following. don’t think i will. my hands are full 

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