K-Drama Ratings EP 1-12

Drama’s Currently Following

This is my first time following more than 1 drama. Below is a chart i created to keep track of the ratings of each drama. Chart isn’t to compare the dramas to each other but to keep track of how each dramas performance changes week by week.

Week of July 9th – July 14th 

  • The Chaser 13-14 (SBS)
  • Big 11-12 (KBS) ** different**
  • Gaksital (Bridal Mask) 13-14 (KBS)
  • I Do, I Do 13-14 (MBC)
  • Ghost 13-14 (SBS)
  • Dr. Jin 15-16 (MBC)
  • A Gentleman’s Dignity 15-16 (SBS)
Ratings are based on AGB Nielson
With ratings this week its kinda hard to say whos doing the best. i’ve come ot realize one thing, and that is, what’s popular overseas may not be popular in korea. RTP for example, i’d say was a big hit in korea, whereas K2H was even a bigger hit overseas. with that said, i would like to say that AGD is probably the highest rated drama of the ones im following. I’m following: BIG, I Do I DO, Gaksital, Gentlemans dignity, Dr Jin, I need romance 2.
DROPPED: Dr. Jin, Ghost, Chaser


Does it deserve it’s low ratings?? Coming from the hong sisters, i’d say i expected more from a soul switch storyline. What amuses me is knowing the lead actress won’t end up with the supporting actor. i’m actually confused as to who the lead actor is… cuz they’re techincally both in one body lol. The drama needs to speed up cuz im snoring over here. i find myself skipping most of the scenes… then the endings always a cliffhanger. BIG QUESTION: WIll she end up with Kyong Koon or Jae in. I say Jae in cuz she’s married to his body. if they switched back, she would hv to divorce him to be with koon which is apparently his step brother… messy storyline ( im sure i butchered their names)


Why the bad ratings?? 

it’s truly sad because the name Kim Sun Ah should automatically bring an audience. i guess shes not so loved afterall. the drama itself is okay. not superboring like BIG… the lead actor pulled his weight…. i like the gender reversal but i wish he wasn’t so dense sometimes. i want him to be more manly so she can respect him…. I need him to go abroad and get his education so he can take care of his family…. this drama has 4 eps left, not sure if we’ll get to meet Ankle… i don’t really see that happening…not even a slight baby bump. smh. this drmama cud hv been written betten. i would hv loved to see her transition to motherhood and still be badass.


Joo won is slowing rising to being on my favorite actors list. you know..not every actor gets to ya. i fall for the male leads often but hv a hard time accepting the females… Kim tae hees a favorite and so is ha ji won but i didn’t like her immediately…. im loving the girl from i need romance 2..partly cuz she looks likes kim tae hee..lol bck to topic… lets just say Gaksital hits the spot. It is my favorite drama airing at the moment. AGD 2nd. The writers on this team are awesome with the pacing… i wanna praise ju won  a little… hes awesome, able to act with no restraint,  doesn’t care whos hes hurting,  he don’t care abt building an anti-fan club because of the japanesse-korean storyline… he’s not the average pretty boy girls drool over… he’s even better because he knows how to act…  BINGO. Joo won owns that word i will forevver think of him when i  hear the word BINGO… i hv one request, that is writers!! pls let mok dam find out gaksital is kangto asap. I wasn’t too happy abt the extension because it means they’re going slow things down and dragg it out…. i was loving the pace.. i pray every week to see higher ratings for Gaksital. its also one of those dramas that i see isn’t popular online or overseas. dunno why…maybe cuz its lacks a-list celebrities…i think juwon is on his way to fame A++ List.

A Gentleman’s Dignity:

Love it love it love. This is one drama where i think the characters grown on ya. I remeber starting out thinking Taesan, Rok and Do Jin were ugly ahjussis…well,  I fell inlove with my Yoon oppa from the get go and he’s still my favorite. I must add that ROK was the only ahjussi that really grew on me. I still don’t care for Taesan and DoJin. This  last weeks episode had me on the edge of my sit!! Who is colins father!!?? I put my money on Do Jin but its now likely that it could be Taesan. oh aiigooo!! I am on team meahri and yoon but lasts weeks episode brought me back to reality…maybe Meahri isn’t mature enough for Yoon oppa…if not, then i want her with Collin…but he could be her nephew…aiggoo…this drama!! I don’t really care if taesan and sera get back together…. they obviously love eachother but need to learn how to compromise and be intune with their feelings…. I find it difficult that taesan didn’t ask her how she felt about marriage b4 they started dating…the whole dramatic breakup cud hv been avoided. Im Sook and ROk… i’ll keep praying for them cuz i dont even understand why they are married.   

NXT WK: I want to know who is Collins dad. I wanna see more character development for Mearhi…can she pls mature a little. Do Jin and his girl should get back together. Lets dig into Yoon’s past a little, see how we can help his character get back on his feet and over his past. ROK needs deliveance and his wife needs a counselor. I’m sure all these won’t happen in the next two episodes but it’s a start. Yoon and Meahri need more screen time.

I Need Romance Season 2:

I’m only on ep six and in love!!

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