New Author and mid year drama review

hey fellow drama addicts! anyowaseoh! (trying my best not to sound to dorky and overexcited but i really cant help it) ; i am a new author for this blog and pretty much a new blogger.  I met the original author of this blog after seeing a Nigerian comment on viki and i was surprised and so i searched for her ,like the deranged stalker i tend to be [ joke], and she invited me to join her blog.I think i also have to show a bit of my credentials to be properly accepted; I have been watching dramas for a while now and i love them too death[ i have almost failed a couple of classes because of them].  I was wondering what to put as my first post and the only place i could think i could start was with the mid year reviews;

best actor

Winner: Joo Won ( it just had to be him; the depth of his character in gaksital is amazing and he is just amazing)
Runner Up: Kim so hyun ( the moon that embraces the sun gave him an opportunity to show he is more than the pretty face from dream high but he still has a bit of work to do)

best drama

Winner:Queen in hyun’s man ( i know it is a tvn show but it was perfectly done. the acting, writing, cinematography and the costumes. sbs and all the other bigwig s should learn from this show that sometimes you don’t have to throw too much money on something for it to be awesome!)
Runner Up: . Gaksital ( the writing is rather fresh even though it is an adaptation it was very well done. also the cinematography is pretty good that you could almost believe you are in 1930’s Korea. the acting is also awesome but they had some flaws in the costume department but its a kdrama; even american shows make mistakes)

Best Actress:

Winner:yoo in ah ( what can i say other than she really dedicated herself to that role and it has paid off)
Runner Up: ha ji won ( she is an awesome actress and should get due credit for her work but really does she always have to be the fighter girl… it is becoming to streotypical (in her last two dramas she was the bad ass girlfriend)… she needs to show that she is more than that)

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: park ki woong ( he seems like the sweetest guy but in bridal mask he scares me half to death; if that doesnt show how decidated he is to his work nothing can)
Runner Up:Eom Ki Joon ( he ensured that the villain he was playing still had a bit of humanity ub him and that is crazy hard to pull off especially with the shit they do in kdramaland)

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: lee yoon ji ( she played her part to the letter t. i loved how she went to the bottom and crawled her way out. to be honest at a point i preferred her story to the main one)
Runner Up:kim ji woo ( the successful bitch who pretended like she didn’t give a fuck in i need romance 2 but in the end was still a woman that wanted to be loved; i think he made a little over the top character more approachable and understandable)

Best Story:

Winner: bridal mask ( i know that it is not original but the adaptation was well done; i dont think i have seen such well done character development in a k drama in a while)
Runner Up: a gentleman’s dignity (it was soo cool that it was f40 and we were all still swooning as we did over f4. the monologues were awesome to and the self reflection helped develop the character)

Best Romantic Comedy:

Winner: king 2 hearts ( i am a sucker for romantic comedies about love that is not meant to be. this was perfect and the dark undertones just made it better)
Runner Up: love rain ( i am a person who likes a bit of darkness in her romantic comedy so this decision is a little biased. the fact that it was a love that should never have been pulled me in and also the fact that rain [which in most kdramas always signifies something bad] was used as their connection was just deabak!)

Best Action

Winner: bridal mask ( no need to explain just scream GAKSITAL!!!!!!!)
Runner Up: ??

Best Historical:

Winner: queen in hyun’s man ( i like that they based it off actual historical events and made it more entertaining for me i actually went to check out all the kings of korea after this movie and also the queens)
Runner Up: dr jin (yes the show sucked big time but its was very much historically accurate so i guess it should get credit for that)

Best Pair:

Winner: jang dong gun and kin ha neul ( they were the best like seriously if you dont ship them then there is something wrong)
Runner Up: the other couples in a gentleman’s dignity ( every other pairing in this show was very well done; we cant help but ship them because they kinda show us what we want; to be complete opposite and still be that much in love)

Best Alternate Pair:

Winner: jung yoo mi and kim ji suk ( i wanted to die when they didn’t end up together in i need romance 2012; they were perfect and i will forever hate the writers for ruining a match made in kdrama heaven)
Runner Up: joo won and han chae ah ( they would be the bad ass couple if they endup together and who doesnt want that)

Best Cast:

Winner: a gentleman’s dignity (f40 for life [or until another group of hot young men walk around drama land looking totally daebak])
Runner Up: i need romance 2 ( they complemented each other well )

Best Music:

Winner: bridal mask ( who doesn’t love that song when he gets on gaksihorse)
Runner Up: love rain ( i love Tiffany song so much!!! )

Best Villian:

( the best villains to me are also the best suppoting actors but i would like to add yoon jae moon because he is some crazy man)
Runner Up:

Most Overrated:

Winner: dr jin ( i need not explain)
Runner Up:big (ended up being unreasonable and an epic waste; boo hong sisters!)

True Underdogs:

Winner:queen in hyun’s man ( it was a cable drama that just killed it)
Runner Up: shut up flower boy ( i know it is not in the list but it is really a fantastic show that pulls on your heart strings till the very last minute)

Biggest Disappointment:

Winner: BIG ( the biggest disappointment of the year!)
Runner Up:i do, i do ( it took a while to get into it and we kinda expect better from an actress of her caliber; kim sam soon you can do better)

Most Stylish Character:

Winner: jang geum suk as seo joon ( he was born with an insane sense of style in this drama)
Runner Up: han chae ah as ueno rie (common font you want to steal peices from her closet too)

Best Use of Idol

Winner: love rain with yoon ah ( she was really sweet and was a pretty good actress) and mickey yoochun in rooftop prince ( some times i forget he is an idol because he is such a good actor)
Runner Up: big with suzy ( that girl must be crazy as shit or a really good actress for an idol)

Worst Use of Idol

Winner: dr jin with jaejoong ( dont want to talk about it, expected more from him but i guess not)
Runner Up: jung il woo in moon that embraces the sun ( we all know that he is better than that; he just got out of 49 days and  flower boy ramen shop smelling like roses so i guess he is allowed one mess up)

My Favorite Drama:

Winner:queen in hyun’s man ( it was just properly done:) )
Runner Up: bridal mask (gaksital!!!)
honorable mention: a gentleman’s dignity (f 40 for life!!!)

i would also like to mention yoo jin goo and kim yoo jung as one of the best actors even though they are kids; i still love them

hope this helps you a bit and i would also like to see your own list too 🙂 i would also like to say i have dismissed fashion sucky king as a drama in my mind so it will never have a place even though it is probably the worst ever 😦

I hope you guys like my review

and oh!, my name on this blog will  be opsy ( i thought about having a cool blog name and this works fine) 🙂