2012 Mid-Year Drama Poll

Hey Guys!!!

Before we all fully immense ourselves in the new August Dramas

Arang and the Magistrate, Faith, Haeundae Lovers, Five Fingers, May Queen, Nice Guy, Panda and the Hedgehog, Hana Kimi, The Thousandth man, Vampire Prosecutor 2 and Ma Boy.

Lets take a minute and recognize the outstanding performances and impressions left by the preceding dramas!

Drama Selections:
The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Operational Proposal, Can Love Become Money, Rooftop Prince, King 2 Hearts, Love Rain, Fashion King, The Equator Man, Queen In-Hyun’s Man, The Chaser, I love Taeri Taeri, Ghost, Big, I Do I Do, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Bridal Mask, I Need Romance 2, and Dr. Jin



MS.DOS: King 2 Hearts

XIXFORVER: Winner:Queen in hyun’s man ( i know it is a tvn show but it was perfectly done. the acting, writing, cinematography and the costumes. sbs and all the other bigwig s should learn from this show that sometimes you don’t have to throw too much money on something for it to be awesome!)

MS.DOS: A Gentleman’s Dignty :  <3<3 MY F44 Oppas!!! and Joseon Power Rangers!!

XIXFORVER:Winner: king 2 hearts ( i am a sucker for romantic comedies about love that is not meant to be. this was perfect and the dark undertones just made it better)

MS.DOS: Joo Won – Bridal Mask (Watch Gaksitaall and find out for yourself. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than Joo Won. His acting is exceptional especially in Ep 7/8 when he went through that tragic loss and straight up wailed. It was unintentionally hilarious)

XIXFORVER:Joo Won ( it just had to be him; the depth of his character in gaksital is amazing and he is just amazing)

MS.DOS: Ha Ji Won- King 2 Hearts ( I can’t even think of anyone that comes close. not even Ha ji Min. She’s not the typical weak lead actress. She literally owns every role she takes)

XIXFORVER: yoo in ah – Queeen In Hyun’s Man ( what can i say other than she really dedicated herself to that role and it has paid off)

MS.DOS: Jo Jung Suk – King to Hearts (I could count the number of lines he had in K2H, which doesn’t say too much but there’s something intriguing about him, maybe it was his hidden affection for the bratty king seung gi… #Bromancingg)

XIXFORVER: park ki woong ( he seems like the sweetest guy but in bridal mask he scares me half to death; if that doesnt show how decidated he is to his work nothing can)

MS.DOS: Lee Yoon Ji – King 2 Hearts( I think both ladies were phenominal and I would totally ship any drama they appear in. Lee Yoon Ji’s proved herself as 2nd lead. NOW GIVE HER A LEAD ROLE!!)

 XIXFORVER:Lee Yoon Ji ( she played her part to the letter t. i loved how she went to the bottom and crawled her way out. to be honest at a point i preferred her story to the main one)

MS.DOS: Operational Proposal (Lack of A/B list Cast was what killed OP)

XIXFORVER:queen in hyun’s man ( it was a cable drama that just killed it)

MS.DOS: Dr. Jin – You’d think PMY would know how to chose a drama after City Hunter. It started off pretty well then got ridiculously boring, did i forget to mention disgusting and totally unrealistic. I’d pick fashion king over this anyday. I don’t blame the cast, i blame the writers. For those who haven’t watched this. Please watch ep1 and 2 then skip to the end because all that nonsense inbetween was a big waste of human time.

XIXFORVER: BIG ( the biggest disappointment of the year!)

MS.DOS: Mickey Yoochun – Rooftop Prince (He made Rooftop bearable. It was my first time seeing him on screen and he left a good impression! Yoona was great in love rain also even though her character was a bit weak)

XIXFORVER: love rain with yoon ah ( she was really sweet and was a pretty good actress) and mickey yoochun in rooftop prince ( some times i forget he is an idol because he is such a good actor)

MS.DOS: Winner: JaeJoong – Dr. Jin (I definitely wanted to see more of JaeJong after Protect the Boss. Honestly, i don’t blame him.  Even LeeMin Ho couldn’t make that drama suck any less than it did)

XIXFORVER: Jaejoong – Dr. Jin ( dont want to talk about it, expected more from him but i guess not)

MS.DOS: Love Rain- If QIHM made any sense at all, i would hv rated it higher. Love Rain was beautiful…

XIXFORVER: Bridal Mask ( i know that it is not original but the adaptation was well done; i dont think i have seen such well done character development in a k drama in a while)

MS.DOS: Bridal Mask( The City Hunter of the year that outdid itself and CH.)

XIXFORVER: Bridal Mask ( no need to explain just scream GAKSITAL!!!!!!!)

MS.DOS: Queen In-Hyun’s Man (Def not Dr. Jin… I have a feeling Arang and the Magistrate will outdo QIHM)

XIXFORVER: Queen In Hyun’s man ( i like that they based it off actual historical events and made it more entertaining for me i actually went to check out all the kings of korea after this movie and also the queens)

MS.DOS:   Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ah Neul – A Gentleman’s Dignity (Finally got to see what the “George Clooney” of Korea is all about. Although not my favorite pair, I’m #Team Meahri & Yoon, but their scences together never failed to make my heart flutter)

XIXFORVER: jang dong gun and kin ha neul (they were the best like seriously if you dont ship them then there is something wrong)

MS.DOS:  Kim Ji Suk and Jung Yoo Mi – I Need Romance 2 (In Kdrama Land, it’s inevitably apparent that the 2nd lead either dies or loses the guy or girl. This is the 2nd drama since Boys over Flowers that i wished and almost believed the 2nd lead would get the girl. Smh @ the writers for making us fall in love with Kim Ji Suk)

XIXFORVER: Jung yoo Mi and Kim Ji Suk ( i wanted to die when they didn’t end up together in i need romance 2012; they were perfect and i will forever hate the writers for ruining a match made in kdrama heaven)

MS.DOS: Park Ki Woong – Bridal Mask (He Puts the “V” in Villian.  I even have Shunji nightmears!#nail cage!!)

XIXFORVER: Park Ki Woong – ( the best villains to me are also the best suppoting actors but i would like to add yoon jae moon because he is some crazy man)

MS.DOS: Rooftop Prince-  If it delivered the awesomeness it promised i would hv loved it. Great Premise then the remaining episodes were pretty much fillers! another drama i’d say skip to the last ep. I would hv liked it if we got a better kiss scene between Ha Ji Min and Yoochun. Can’t believe it had higher ratings than King 2 Hearts, which i’d say is the better of the two.

XIXFORVER: Dr. Jin ( i need not explain)