the awesomeness that is bridal mask and other stories


I know I am a bit late with this but school was getting in the way of Korean drama watching and so, I could not watch the finale until a few hours ago… sad right.  this review is for all the wimps (yes I said it) who refuse to watch until they see good reviews about it and also my fellow college students who get a shit ton of work that hinder our ability to enjoy drama land

Song you should listen to while you read this to get my emotional stance as I write : goodbye day by Ulala Session ( I have no idea how to embed a song here since I am just a humble drama watcher not some tech wiz; actually a bit tech backwards but here is a link; )

In case you did not get it from the title, this drama is f-ing awesome… like seriously it is fantastic baby. (Big-bang reference here!) The actors to the most part were great, may be you will hate some of them as their characters develop. The story line is based off a manhwa (Korean Manga for y’all who are not as nerdy as I am and do not know) which rather gives it an awesomeness of its own but the screenwriter did a good job of making it into the hit drama it is right now. The beginning just draws you in, you stay hooked until the very last second of the very last episode…, and if you try to stop and do other things with your life, I promise you, you will show signs of withdrawal syndrome. It was that addicting

To be completely honest, I would should say that at first I wasn’t head-over-heels about this drama when I heard about it but on a boring Monday night, I decided to watch it and it became my weekly drug (until stupid school started again). So to all of you that are thinking of what to watch from dramaland, I strongly recommend this show, it is beyond ah-mazing. And to all those people who like me are still holding to every single detail of that show; I understand that it is painful to let go but time will heal… and those to who it was their crack… go to drama rehab!…  oh! One more thing GAKSITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

i give this awesome show a zillion stars .. Yay!!! 🙂

Since a massive void has been left in my heart, I decided to fill it with as many other k-dramas as I can so; here is what I think about the current shows running;

Faith; a piece of BS to me but everyone else loves it so I’ll give it another try and let you know

To The Beautiful You; cuteness I need to survive

Arang and the Magistrate; I love Shin Mina and this drama has a little bit of gumiho in it which makes it all the more awesome

May Queen; very melodramatic so far… not sure what to think

Nice Guy and Five fingers; haven’t tried it yet so can’t say 😛

If you have anything to add or want me to reduce my use of words like awesome, please leave a comment 🙂

May the force of dramaland be with you,



Ps can’t think of a cool way to end so any one have any ideas… please tell me… i need to de-nerdify a bit 🙂