**2011 DRAMA LIST**

My Korean Drama List 12/15

For only the absolute Jobless… Dramas will suck you in for hours!! Be prepared…


My ratings are my personal opinion. I’m a bit harder on korean dramas because they are really long. (20+ episodes) Alot of these dramas can be done in 16 episodes. Also, each drama is repetitive. After watching 2 or more dramas, you sorta get the whole Kdrama feel and every drama afterwards doesn’t really standout. The drama’s i rated *** caught my attention and i tot had a unique story line.


1. *  I didn’t like. Just a drag. Boring, stopped watching halfway thru. Or only watched because of an adored actor!

2. ** I liked. Unbearable at some points. but  good overall.

3. ***  I loved. Absolutely amazing! worth watch.

Currently Watching

1/26/12 The Moon That Embraces The Sun *** (amazing plot) (This will prolly be the best historical drama of 2012 i can feel it).

Man of Honor aka Glory Jane *** (good melodrama, didn’t like the lead actor tho)

Protect the Boss **(it’s funny, glad i gave it a chance)

City Hunter *** (lee min ho all d way!!)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop * (worst drama of 2011) pure nonsense!

Previously Watched

Boys over flowers *** (LEE MIN HO *MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DRAMA* GU JUN PYO!!) A MUST WATCH KDRAMA!! boys more beautiful than flowers. **screams**


You’re beautiful ** (kini big deal) all these lil asian girls keep cising it up

49 days *** (best drama of 2011)


My Girlfriend is a Guhimo *** (MAGICAL)

Lie to Me * (what a waste) started out good tho. dunno what happened to the storyline

My Princess *** (i love Kim Tae Hee) (she’s south koreas most beautiful woman)

Personal Taste * (kiss scene with lee min ho gets ***) lol

Playful kiss * (dry…only watched cuz of kim joong)

Secret Garden * ( srry, i’m one of the haters. didn’t like the lead actor n actress) popular drama tho… i just didn’t like it.

Shining inheritance *** (really good)

Stairway to Heaven ***  (classic drama)

None Korean Drama…. Even Better… Taiwanese Drama

1. Summer’s Desires *** (Team OUCHEN!!!)

2. Fated to love you *** (MUST WATCH)