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**I know I promised some ppl I would create a Kdrama list. Sorry it took so long, I’ve been so busy**

 ~~I’ve been an avid kdrama fan since 2010. I’ve seen so many that I can’t even watch regular american TV shows, they just that have that zeal or cuteness that kdramas have. I put together a list of dramas that I know will pull you into K-Dramaland. Don’t forget to thank me later. ~~


if you’re thinking

“Okay fine!! I’ll give it a shot. What’s good to watch??”

Glad you made that choice to watch, you won’t regret it.

Here are some tips to help you get through that extremely pleasant trip to Fan-girldom or Fan-boydom…


Most dramas consists of 16-20 episodes average. Just like regular shows except each story ends with each drama. No season 2 or 3. 

***google each drama for more details.***

Top Five For Newbies: A mixture of light hearted romantic comedies, melodic and historical. 

My first K-Drama and I’m pretty sure it’s also everyones…at least most americans… Matter of fact this drama helped spread the Hallyu wave around the americas and across the world.(pretty sure “Gangnam Style” did a better job) In here you meet who some call the Hallyu King “Lee Min Ho.” Don’t get too attached ladies because he’s everyones first kdrama love. 

Boys Over Flowers: Meet the F4.

1. Boys Over Flowers ★ 8.0  The one name you need to learn: LEE MIN HO      EYE CANDIES:  KIM HYUN JOONG,  KIM BUM

2. The Moon That Embraces The Sun – First historical drama I was able to complete. The cast was pretty solid, although acting wise, the younger cast outperformed their elderly counterparts.  Those child actors deserve Oscars. ★ 9.2   EYE CANDY: KIM SOO HYUN

3.The Princess’s Man – OMG!! seriousy, ingenious!! The drama as a whole is beautifully shot, the acting was perfect on all fronts and the music suitably epic. Even though it’s not the happiest story, it’s utterly beautiful and definitely worth it to delve into. I highly recommend!  “CRY-FEST-WARNING” Not for the weak minded. ★ 9.8   EYE CANDY:PARK SHI HOO

4.Can You Hear My Heart – A remarkable story about deaf man who pretends he can hear.  Yes, a drama that makes you cry and smile simulatiously. It’s heart-warming and captivating 🙂 ★ 8.9    EYE CANDY: KIM JAE WON

5. Miss Ripley – The only kdrama comparable to an average nigerian movie plot. It has all the elements we africans love! Betrayal, jealously, lovers at war and gold-digging. So, If you’re an earnest nollywood fan then you might enjoy this as your first K-drama. ★ 6.5   EYECANDY:  MICKEY YOOCHUN

6. 49 days – MASTER PIECE. Not so typical K-drama, amazing plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat episode after episode! “Fantasy/Supernatural”  ★ 8.7      NO EYE CANDY…SORRY


These dramas aren’t famous because of their storylines but because of their cutness and good use of A-list Idols. Sometimes, after a melo you just need a little bit of cuteness to revive you from your depression era… lol these worked for me. (MOSTLY HIGH SCHOOL DRAMAS)

To The Beautiful You: A southkorean remake of the famous Hana Kimi manga.

1. To The Beautiful You – Totally an IDOL drama but idc, I can watch this drama on mute, matter of fact with my brain switched off. The actors are sooo beautiful, the quality and effort by these debuting actors is just superb! ★ 7.4   EVERYONE IS EYECANDY

2. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band – I love, love, and adore!!! Bromance ♥ like you’ve never seen before!! I grew to love the friendship, loved how the band symbolized their bond and growth as individuals. ★ 8.0   EYECANDY: SUNG JOON

3. You’re Beautiful – Very similar to Boys over Flower and not any less popular. ★ 6.8

4. Dream High – Korean version of Glee… ★ 6.4   EYE CANDY: KIM SOO HYUN

5. Playful Kiss – Okay, so you’re done with Boys Over Flowers and want more of Ji Hoo right? lol…well good news, he’s all over this drama!! ★ 5.3 EYECANDY: KIM HYUN JOONG

COMEDY: Outright hillarious with a mix of romance.

Oohlala Couple: Soul-Swapping at its best!

1. Oohlala Couple – In my opinion, the best soul-switch and funniest drama of 2012 so far! I’m LOL-ing like a fool in every ep. ★ 8.4 NO EYECANDY. 

2. A Gentleman’s Dignity – The older, sexier version of Boys over Flowers (aka the F44) MUST WATCH ★ 10    EYECANDIES: WOO BIN AND LEE JONG HYUN

3. Protect the Boss – I liked it, but my sister loved it way more, so I put it on here for her.  ★ 6.5      EYE CANDY: JAE JOONG


I’m not huge on sageuks but these were remarkable. Not only do they share Korean history, they illumiate on its tradition and culture.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun – The drama that won all our hearts this year.

1. Moon that Embraces the Sun ★ 9.2                  EYECANDY: KIM SOO HYUN

2. Bridal Mask Imo, one of the best dramas of 2012. EPIC. EPIC. EPIC. ★10         EYECANDIES: TOO MANY

3. The Princess’s Man  ★ 9.8          EYECANDY: PARK SHI HOO

4. Queen In Hyun’s Man – Century jumping, another time travel drama done right! ★8.8      


Yes, they are long but super addictive. Matter of fact, I begged the drama gods to bring forth more episodes.

Ojakgyo Brothers

1. Ojakgyo Brothers –  The dramatic, unintentionaly hillarious story and overwhelming emotions portrayed by the brilliant cast make the long episodes breeze away. You might have to pull a marathon on this one. ★ 10        EYECANDIES: 3 OF THE BROTHERS…JOO WON!!

2. Can You Hear My Heart ★ 8.9              EYECANDY: KIM JAE WON

3. Shining Inheritance ★ 8                        EYECANDY: LEE SEUNG GI!!!

4. Fated to Love You (taiwanesse) Not so great quality but the storyline makes up for it ★ 10  

5. May Queen – Excellent Cast! Heart-warming story. It was making it’s way to my top ten until the writer decided to piss me off. I still highly recommend for all Kim Jae Won fans!! ★ 8.5           EYECANDIES: JAE HEE!! & KIM JAE WON

2010 – 2011 Dramas Worth Watching  


1. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho – One of my all-time fav rom-com. I have watched it time after time and love it every time I watch it :D. I have so many good memories watching it 🙂 ★ 7.8

2. Secret Garden – Not a favortie, but extremely popular. Loads of Skinship. Voted as best drama of 2010. I strongly disagree. ★5.2

3. City Hunter/Personal Taste – LEE.MIN.HO… if you don’t know who he is then please go back to boys over flowers and WATCH! ★5.5

4. Goong/My Princess – Cinderella plot…rags to riches. Still and all worth mentioning. ★5.5

5. Deep Rooted Tree – On my to watch list. Bagged all the awards last year.

2012 Dramas Worth Paying a Visit

(listed in order of best storyline)

Bridal Mask

1.  Bridal Mask ★ 9.0             EYECANDIES: JOO WON & PARK KI WOONG

2. The Moon that Embraces the Sun ★8.5

3. King 2 Hearts ★ 8.0              EYECANDY: LEE SEUNG GI!!


5. May Queen ★ 8.0              EYECANDY: KIM JAE WON & JAE HEE!!!

6. A Gentleman’s Dignity ★ 9.0      THEY ARE ALL EYE CANDY

7. Oohlala Couple ★ 8.0

8. Queen In Hyun’s Man ★ 7.5 

9. Love Rain ★ 7.5                                    EYECANDY: JANG GEUN SUK

10. Rooftop Prince ★ 7.0                 EYECANDY: MICKEY YOOCHUN


Most of these are on www.dramafever.com

I subscribed to dramafever but I’m more loyal to www.viki.com  make sure to turn on the timmed comments on viki. It might be annoying at first but that’s what will bring you back and pull you deeper into kdramas.


For more info, heres my rating list of K-dramas.


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